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Welcome to our website!
We are a squad of extraordinary teachers of music.

Why are we 'extraordinary'? 
Gitara klasyczna
Because every one of us prepares and updates the teaching agenda with use - as a base and especially at the earlier stages of tuition - of popular music exclusively.  We simply do always play top hits! And so we have been amusing ourselves with this tutory work since February 6th 1992, which was the day our school was founded and registered. We are still active at our job, although many others have long ago given up - why? Because we breathe with our work! Finding out the top hits and adjusting them to the needs and abilities of our students, seeing the joy in their very eyes, their enthusiasm... All of this gives us so much fun that we need not regret having invested much of our time in this activity. Young friend, please do understand: we play (with) music together with you! We are also amazed by this! "Ordinary" music teachers, who do not have access to our uniquely prepared songs, have long ago been forced to find another job. We do not 'torture' our students with practicing any scales nor exercises, nor obsolete music pieces! It is extraordinary, isn't it? And so this uncommonness (which is our daily practice) helped us educate many perfect musicians, who one can find among our graduates. They successfully participate in various contests, concerts, establish their bands, earn money with their skills... Yes, also earn money! Why not? :)

Would you like to play like  Maciek does?

Or maybe like Adrian?
If you are interested in buying a musical instrument we can help you. You will find our support here...
Gitara klasyczna

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